2021 Firefighter Safety Stand Down
Tue. Jun 1st 2021

Each year firefighters across the nation participate in what is known as Firefighter Safety Stand Down. This year it is celebrated June 20-26th. Firefighter Safety Stand Down is sponsored by the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Safety, Health and Survival Section, the National Volunteer Fire Council, and National Fire Protection Association. This years theme is "Rebuild Rehab." With such a intense environment, comes strain on firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and police officers. Having both physical and mental tough situations, it is critical for all members of the public safety environment receive a comprehensive rehab program following emergency responses. 

The Safety Stand Down campaign encourages departments to suspend non-emergency activities for a week to conduct training specifically focused on physical and psychological rehab. It is important for mitigating the physiological and mental impacts of emergency response. Agencies across the country are encouraged to re-visit rehab procedures to ensure that post-incident protocol covers all areas of health and safety, including cardiac, nutrition, exposure, psychological, proper hydration, and heat related stress activities. To give members of the community an idea of what their responders will focus on, please visit Safety Stand Down Website for more information. Resources include:

We appreciate all the resources to our first responders. It is often hard to ask for help ourselves, and taking time to remember we may all need help is very important. If you wish to learn more and participate with us, please contact us, send us a note, or message through social media. It is never too late to give back to your fellow neighbors. 


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71 entries in the News

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